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A Trip Through WLW -- Publicity brochure from 1935 for the general public -
PDF:  4 Megabytes

IRE Proceedings Technical Report on 500kW Transmitter - 1934
PDF:  7.5 Megabytes

FCC Special Temporary Experimental Authorization for W8XO (WLW) - 1935 -  (cites interference to  Canadian station and limits  500 kW to daytime use only)
560 kilobytes PDF
Simplified Schematic of 500kW Transmitter 
280 kB JPEG

Medium-resolution WLW 500kW Xmtr RF/Mod Schematic
2.5 Megabytes JPEG

High-resolution WLW 500kW XMTR COMPLETE Schematic
11 Megabytes GIF

WLW 500 KW Transmitter Manual
167 kB  PDF
WLW 180KW PA Tank Circuit Inductor and Capacitor Measuements
45 kB PDF 

Rockwell CathAnode Modulation in use at WLW provided high-fidelity AM transmissions during  1950's, 60's
2.1 Megabytes PDF  

Rockwell-WLW AGC Amplifier - finally, a limiter in the audio chain!
1.0 Megabytes PDF  
Continuity from WLW - Excerpt 1
7  Megabytes PDF

Continuity from WLW - Excerpt 2 (needs to be rotated to view)
6  Megabytes PDF

The Biggest Aspidistra in the World - The WLW transmitter's British cousin
8.8  Megabytes PDF

Write-up of WLW on Hugh's Ominous Valve Works

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