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18 July  2018


It's been about two and a half months since I attended an AM meeting.  We met at AJ7O - Dave's and, of course, had lunch at .   WA1BZQ - Bruce and AB7IC Tom rode down with me and received a boat-anchor tour from Dave.  In addition to that, KH6ITY - Larry came along with W7YAZ - Frank.  We had a pretty good time.  And by the way, N76YW took several of the photos and some pretty good ones at that! Well, except for that self-portrait...


2 May  2018


Good news!  Our man Don has returned from Texas and is in much better shape than the last time we saw him.  Looks like he whipped most of his medica issues and is ready for battle.  Welcome back, Don!!


So, a few of us me down in Corona de Tucson and visited a while while Billy set up Dave's Viking II and a Drake R-4 receiver to boost Dave's little pipsqueek AM signal he's been running since the BC-610 has been feeling ill.  After, we visited for a some good eating and would you believe it, , W7MD - Doc, mananged to show up, you know, where's there's food, right Damon?


15 March  2018


I'm sad to report the loss of WA1KNX - Deano', one of our AM group who has been fighting health issues for the past few years.  We're going to miss him and his amiable ways.

Four of us managed to meet at AJ7O - Dave's place to deliver a radio and pick up another followed by lunch at  .  W7MD - Doc showed up at lunch so there were five to have a memorial lunch in Deano's honor.  


24 January 2018

Had another short meeting down at AJ7O - Daves place.  W7YAZ - Frank brought his telescope for N6YW - Billy so that he could do some star gazing.  Then, of course, we had lunch at . What would you expect?  You're there, you can't pass up that great food!  And, oh yeah I forgot, W8VG - George showed up for the food!  


10 January 2018

AA0RQ - Bill 

There is AA0RQ - Bill and lifelong friend of W7YAZ - Frank's who is visiting.  Bill is a CW OP, but we had him on the air on 80 AM yesterday morning.  After checking the log, I found Bill  was already in the AM Gallery.  We worked back in November and I had  already put him in there with a picture I snagged off of QRZ.   We had a good time at AJ7O - Dave's and lunch, asusual at Italian restaurant.  W7MD - Doc Damon didn't make it until lunch, but he made it.  Nice lookin' Skyrider, huh?