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31 December 2015

Look like K7IOU - Dave waded throught the snow and hooked up a temporary antenna and says he can hear W0VMC (Robert - Voice Modulated Carrier) on 40 meters.  Michigan is a pretty far stretch for us.  A bit of progress but a long way to go, Dave!


8 November 2015

Did you miss it?  If you did, you missed a pretty good one.  We had a pretty good turn out of the AMers, but some of you didn't make it.  We stopped over at the Texas Road House and had lunch afterwards.  Here's some pictures.


8 November 2015

Did you miss it?  If you did, you missed a pretty good one.  We had a pretty good turn out of the AMers, but some of you didn't make it.  We stopped over at the Texas Road House and had lunch afterwards.  Here's some pictures.


30 October 2015

Another senior moment.  Chatted with KA1TDQ - Jon this morning for a while and went to his QRZ and there he was in all his splendor with his home brew 3-500Z (2) transmitter.  I probably downloaded this picture a year ago and it languished in my photos file as I had forgotten to post it here.  Anyway, better late than never.  Below you can see his suitable for Holloween dual 3-500Z amp he uses for 40AM.  Nice lookin' gear, Jon.


16 October 2015

Several of us took an excursion all the way down to Corona De Tucson (23.5 miles South for me) and visited AJ7O - Dave at his QTH followed by lunch at the little Italian restaurant there.  It appears that Dave is a "Cat Man".  This one was roaming around checking everything out.  Dave has some really nice boat anchors there.  You can see a few nice ones. How did I miss taking K3YAZ's picture?  Well, you know what he looks like anyway.  Attending were your's truly, K7EWE - Jim, W8VG - George, K3YAZ - Frank and of course the host, AJ7O - Dave.


26 September 2015

I was working N6YW - Billy on 40 AM this evening and realized that I don't have him in the Gallery.  This picture was stolen from his FaceBook page and I have no idea when it might have been taken, but here it is no matter!  


30 July 2015


Got this fine SX-100 from W0LTL - Mike after a bit of horse trading and dickering.  K0ETD - Ron took a look, replaced 4 tubes and tweaked it a bit and it's golden.  Looks good too.  I can't wait till 10 opens up because I've heard that these guys are hot on 10. Even got a nice SX-111 speaker in the deal.


30 May 2015


Received this picture of W8OFC - Jim's shack, however, I don't have a picture of him for the gallery.  Jim, you'd better take a "selfie" and send it to me so you can be added to the AM's Finest gallery! (There he is!  He did send me a picture!)


5 May 2015


Well, here's that telephone style 1945, T-32 Tropicalized mike I picked up at the RST hamfest.  I put an RB Micro crystal cartridge in the head and wired a new cord.  I really like it!


27 April 2015


It LIVES!  After several days chasing around an arcing modulation transformer terminal, Dave finally got his monster T-368 on the air today.  He's got a bit of work to do with cables and cords, but it's sounds pretty good and puts out a legal limit signal with no problem.


10 April 2015

Dave - K7IOU took a trip to the midwest and came back with this hunk of iron!  Shouldn't be too long on this heavy duty guy will be on the air. Update!  W8VG - George came over and gave technical support and this transmitter is now working, well, into a dummy load, but, it's operational.  Now, to get it into the shack and on the air!


4 April 2015

Hadn't talked to W0TDH - Tom back in North Carolina for a long time.  Caught him on 10 meters and in the process took a look at this QRZ page and he has a lot of nice stuff there.  He's using a plastic radio, as he calls it.  He is friends with K0ETD - Ron and talks with him pretty often.  Here's a couple shots of his equipment.


13 March 2015

Well, that was fun!  A few of us AMers got together over in Oro Valley at W8VG - George's QTH and had a look at his recently constructed shack, having moved from 6-land not long ago.  Then we followed it up with a lunch as Chili's.  You shoulda' been there!  Nice stuff!


26 February 2015

Had lunch at the Villiage Inn on Speedway and Columbus yesterday and had an eyeball with KH6ITY - Larry who has this nice looking Heathkit station.  Here's hoping we can get him on the air a bit more.



22 February 2015

Remember Fifi, the B-29 that a few of us worked  on 40 meter AM as it was flying out of Ft Worth on its way to Prescott?  Well, she showed up in Tucson over the weekend and was out by the old Tucson Tower near the Executive Terminal.  K7IOU - Dave , W0LTL - Mike and myself made the trip out there and had a good time touring the old girl as well as gandering the C-47 Gooney Bird, a beautiful B-25 Mitchell and a C-45 Beech.  The B-29 was available for a ride for a mere $550. You can see Mike pointing out the more modern Collins radios that Collins had donated to the Fifi project back in the late 80's.  He even had a ride in the plane when he did a quick fix on a radio problem that they had.   Had a great time and took quite a few pictures.  Here's a video of the B-25 by K7IOU - Dave!


10 February 2015

I worked W7YCN - Pat in Shelton, WA the other day on 10 meters and he was telling me about his upcoming anniversary.  So, it's history now and here's how it went down:

Hi, John,
Well, yesterday was the big day.  Dick (W7YTZ) and I (W7YCN) had our first QSO on February 8, 1955.  Every year since then, when it was possible, we would repeat the contact on 3915, CW, of course.  We were novices and 13 years old.  Now, 73.  So sixty years of hamming and friendship.  For our 60th Anniversary QSO we decided to acquire and use the same gear we used for that first QSO.  For Dick it was a Hallicrafters S-40A and a Heathkit AT-1.  I was using a Harvey Wells Bandmaster and a Hallicrafters SX-42. 
You mentioned that you might want to put these on your AM IS KING website and you are very welcome to do so.  But I won't feel bad if you don't : ) 

73 - Pat   


W7YCN - Pat
W7YTZ - Dick





20 Januray 2015

So K3YAZ - Frank says we ought to get together at on Oracle near Tucson Mall and have lunch.  We did and a few AMers showed up.  Here are some pictures.  We had a pretty good time.  Got to have an eye-ball with W8VG - George who recently moved to Tucson.

Well, we know why Frank picked this place!

W8VG - George

AJ7O - Dave

KC6ASA - Kirk

K0ETD - Ron

WD7F - John

K3YAZ - Frank

Kirk with Elmac Receiver of Ron's


19 Januray 2015

From: K3YAZ - Frank

Attached are pics of the modified HT-40 using a 6LW6 sweep tube with screen modulation.  This is the largest sweep tube in an octal base that was ever made to my knowledge.  It runs with 700 volts on the plate at 300 mA in the CW tune position.  PEP output is about 160W in AM mode. AM average carrier is about 40 watts with about 3 dB of carrier control suppression when not talking.



Editors note:  Frank sent me a picture of an 813 (Corrected by K7POF, 833s) rig built by Clyde.  I thought that the KC6ASA    breadboard transmitter was something else, but this?