Tucson, Arizona

------- Bill became a Silent Key in July of 2005 -------

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This is Bill with his home brew rig.   It uses a 5763 in the VFO and driver, and an 813 in the final PA.  It is modulated by a pair of 811A's which are driven by push-pull 6B4G's running class A.
W7US Shack #1
The two black boxes on the shelf in this photograph constitute a transmitter called a Transmaster Model 600 by Lysco. The uniton the right is the RF section which uses an 807 in the final and runs about 40 watts input. The unit on the left is the matching modulator which uses a pair of 6L6's. Bill says that the Lysco was built around 1950 in New Jersey.
W7US Shack #2
Johnson Viking Ranger and RME 4350.
W7US Shack #2
Johnson Viking Ranger II and NC-183D.

Click here and here to listen to archive audio from Bill on his Viking II one spring evening in 2005 on 160 meters.  He was in the process of modifying the Viking II audio.

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