Here's a look at some of your favorite Tucson AM stations from the past and present, in no particular order:

N7WEK - Floyd W7ISJ - Joe KB7GAI - Wally W7US - Bill
N7IOK - Clyde N7SEP - Barry AL0F - Tim W7UO - Wes
W8SXX - Bud N7WB - John K6NC - Mike WR7A - Ed
W7XH - Bill W7GMK - Gary W7MD - Damon K0ETD - Ron
K7BDY - Martin W8OFC - Jim KD7DO - John W8JBT - Brian
KC6ASA - Kirk AJ7O - Dave W7YAZ - Frank K7IYP Michael
N6YW - Billy W8VG - George W0OGH - Larry WD7F - John

N7GV Special Event Station

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Ham Radio Links

Your Remote S-Meter - Thanks to Bill W7US

Here is a BPL interference evaluation tool.

Some Pictures of vintage audio processors.

Here's a link to some pretty cool Tube Info. from davidbr549a at yahoo dot com

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