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A nice, compact arrangement was used for both amateur-radio and computer operations at KD7DO. Nevertheless, a robust complement of AM transmitters were accomodated -- the Harvey-Wells TBS-50 at left and the newly restored ART-13 below the desk.

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John was first licenced in the very early fifties as K6GCZ. His first rig was a home-brew forty-meter cw transmitter, using a 6AG7 crystal oscillator, which drove a 6L6G final into a long wire antenna. His receiver was a WWII surplus BC-348Q. After getting his General Class ticket, he then upgraded to a converted BC-375 transmitter, which operated on the 75 meter AM phone band.

While serving in the armed forces, John had the opportunity to maintain some of the highest-powered transmitters operating in the European theater at that time. This experience was pivotal in setting his lifetime goals and ambitions.

Upon leaving the service, John was semi-active in Amateur Radio over the years. He raised a large family, furthered his education and pursued a career in the aerospace industry.  With retirement he renewed his interest in the hobby from his home in Benson, Arizona until his passing on January 30, 2012 at age 73.



The Nash Metro restoration is now complete -- with stunning results.

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For John's comments on restoring the Nash Metro (including the radio) CLICK HERE

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