K0ETD - Ron

Tucson, AZ

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AM Operating Position 1:  Equipment is a Collins 75A3, Heathkit Apache, Homebrew QRP Rig, Drake R4A Receiver, Drake Tuner, speakers and a Johnson Ranger. Black box in the corner is the Homebrew 813 Transmitter with an HQ-129x Speaker on top.

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AM/SSB Operating Position 2:  Homebrew 6146 Xmtr, Hallicrafters S-76 & S-38 Rcvrs, Kenwood TS850 and Icom IC-820H SSB Transceivers, Heath SB-200 Linear Amp, Hammarlund HQ 129x (rcvr for 813 rig), Kenwood TS 570 Xcvr with matching PS and Spkr.

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Construction/Repair Bench: HP 606B Signal Gen, Tektronix 545 and 310A 'scopes, Eico 628 Tube Checker, Heath  'Q' Meter, various meters and the always-handy Cantenna dummy load. 

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The Paraset project.  The Paraset is a clandestine CW radio transceiver from WWII.

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The QRP Transmitter with Companion Receiver. 

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The Home-brew, 6146 x 807, 60-watt, 50's-style AM Transmitter. 

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K0ETD operating out of temporary quarters with the HB 6146 xmtr.

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