W7UO - Wes
Arivaca, Arizona

Welcome to Ham Radio Heaven!  As you'll see Wes has quite an impressive installation.  He and his wife Darlene (KD7DOJ ) are very nice people, so if you hear them on the air be sure to give a call.

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At the left is Wes with his Gates BC-1G and T-368 transmitters.

Next is his Collins SSB station.

Third from left is Wes at the AM operating position. Note the Gates Gatesway 80 audio console.

And at the right is Wes with his Homebrew balanced tuner. He uses it to match the 6" open-wire feedline.
Gates BC-1G and T-368 Collins Station W7UO AM Operating Position Homebrew tuner


These are photographs of Wes' Log Periodic, which covers 6 - 32 MHz.  The antenna is mounted atop a 100 foot self supporting tower.
Log Periodic Log Periodic Log Periodic

Here is his Folded Unipole.  It is a 195 ft. tower guyed with sections of Phillystran.  The antenna has 1/4 wavelength buried radials around it.
W7UO Folded Unipole W7UO Folded Unipole The base of the unipole One of the guy anchors

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