W7MD - Damon
Vail, Arizona

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Damon at his Pinetop-Lakeside, AZ QTH

The new rig for the QTH  in the mountains undergoing tests

The high-tech operating position in Vail, featuring a Flex 5000 SDR
at far right with its host X86 Windows computer below the desk
and the Alpha 8410 linear amplifier at foreground left.
The ancillary equipment used to keep things honest are the Bird wattmeter,
the Heathkit station monitor and the Alpha peak-reading power/swr meter. 
The microphone is an MXL990, and the grey box with a horizonal opening
in its face is a rare, 35mm slide scanner.

Damon's first station in 1964 at Sioux Army Depot near Sidney Nebraska. 
Heathkit Marauder, Warrior and daughter Patty at 3 yrs old.

Photographs W7MD

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