N 7 G V


These are photographs of the portable operation that the Green Valley Amateur Radio Club runs each year in April from the only remaining TITAN II Missile Site. If you remember the "Cold War", then you remember ICBM's (Inter-Continental Ballistic Missiles). This is the only TITAN II site which was not destroyed as a result of the SALT II Treaty.

GVARC runs the special event station to bring attention to the fact that, although not operational, the TITAN II Missile Museum is the last of its kind.

Bud, W8SXX is the main organizer of the N7GV special event station.

Barry N7SEP
Barry, N7SEP has been a major supporter of the special event station for many years now.

Discone Antenna
The Discage antenna. It covers 2 to 30 mHz.

Wally, Bud, Barry

Here is a LINK to a neat TITAN II Site.
And here is another.
And another.

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