AL0F - Tim
Arivaca, Arizona

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Latest acquisiton at AL0F is this T-368 running a 4-400 modulated by a pair of 4-125's for about 375 watts output.  Here it is paired with the RCA SC-88 receiver for a nice sound both transmitting and receiving.  Click Here, or the image above, for the full-resolution photo (850K).

This RCA SC-88 (s/n 255) is a somewhat rare bird.  Produced during WWII for the Signal Corps as a militarized version of RCA's AR-88 communications receiver, most ended up in Britain or the Soviet Union as part of Lend-Lease.  Audio fidelity is outstanding from this receiver when paired with a large speaker.  Click Here or the image above for the full-resolution photo (850K).

Current operating position showing the BC-610F and BC-610I transmitters.  Dubbed 'Venus' and 'Serena' because they are related, they're powerful and they play well together, these transmitters allow AL0F to operate AM on all bands from 160 to 20 meters with that punchy, 610 sound.

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AL0F - Tim
AL0F - Tim
AL0F - Tim
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