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The vintage AM station features a National  NC-183 (non-D) receiver at left, a Heathkit DX-100B transmitter to its right, and the latest acquisition and build, an AN/ART-13 transmitter, at far right. 

The ART-13 is affectionately known on the air as "The Warbird". 

The microphones  feed an audio mixer that provides peak limiting and additional controls. 

Transmitter frequency control is augmented with an HP counter that samples transmitted RF as well as provisions for using external, stable VFO's and exciters.  The oscilloscope is capable of displaying the traditional trapezoid pattern for modulation depth measurement. 

This position also serves as a secondary computer workstation.

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Bob  at the vintage operating position. 

In honor of the acquisition and build-out of the ART-13, the standard HF transmitter aboard the B-29 Superfortress in World War 2, a number of photographs and artwork from that era were posted on the wall above the desk.  Detailed photos of this artwork are compiled in a separate webpage.             

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The corner SSB operating position at WB7AM is compact but fully functional for all HF and VHF bands.  The HF lineup consists of a Heil PR40 microphone feeding a W2IHY 8-band equalizer and EQplus compressor which then sends transmit audio to an Icom IC-756 Pro III transceiver.  Power amplification is handled by a QRO Tech. HF-2500DX running a pair of 4CX800's at  the legal limit.  A Palstar AT-4K tuner touches up the antenna impedance match on band edges.  The computer screen and keyboard at the center of the console handle logging and other data tasks.

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The right-hand side of the console showing the QRO amplifier, the Palstar tuner, other auxiliary  equipment and various memorabilia.

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The left-hand side of the console holds the IC-756 Pro III, the IHY boxes, the VHF transceiver, various power supplies and speakers, and handy text references.

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2nd operator's callsign is  K9DOG.

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Bob is the backup bass guitar for this band which stars his XYL as lead vocalist.

The entire Double Eagle Band. Bob is standing just to the left of his pretty, blond XYL, the lady in the dark jacket.

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