W8QBG - George

Mesa, AZ

George became a Silent Key on January 2, 2016. 
These webpages  remain posted as a memorial to him and as a remembrance of better times.

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New! Photos of Long-awaited Corvette

Photos of 40-meter Beam Antenna Repairs

To Photos of Bauer 707 Xmtr.
 and other Recent Projects


To Photos of T-368 and BC-610 refurbishment.
(Recent Projects II)
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Click here for over-the-air audio from W8QBG on the Bauer 707 describing his ART-13 mods and other hardware subjects.  (Recorded 0730MST,  10-Sep-2006, in Glendale AZ,  ~1.5 Meg)



Studio A, Left - FT-1000 with homebrew
and vintage linear amplifiers


Studio A, Right - FT-1000's ,  HB linear 
running a pair of  4-1000's GG

Studio A - Closet Radio, when an 
instant AM 'fix' is needed

Studio B, Bench - Calibrating and 
aligning a T-368 VFO/Exciter 

Studio B - BC-610 #2  

Studio B - Recently rescued 
and restored T-368 (with George)

Studio B - Master Control 

George with BC-610 #1 and HB Speech Amp

Studio B Right showing Apaches used
as exciters

The 160-meter RCA BTA-250M ex-BC Xmtr 
gazes out serenely over Studio B

Tower 1 showing HF beams and
ladder-line-fed dipoles

Another view of  Tower 1 with
Tower 2 in the background