W7CPA - Randy

Phoenix, AZ

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A "Manly" Vacuum Tube Mit Handles
6.3 VAC at 160 Amps Filament
10Kv Anode at 6 Amps
28.5KW Output on SSB AB1

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  W7CPA Studio A New
Studio A - Flex-5000A, Kenmore Twins. Palstar Tuner and Dummy Load, Yeasu FT-897D

 W7CPA Rack A 
Rack A - Audio Chain, R-390A, Alpha 87A, National NCL-2000, Harris Tuner Control Head

 W7CPA Studio B New 
Studio B - With Drake TR-4CW RIT, Collins KWM-2A, 312-B5, 30L-1, National NCX_5 MKII, Palstar Keyer,  Italian Key to Die For

 W7CPA Sudio B Old 
Studio B (olde) - With Assorted Collins, Sonar SRT-120 and Drake 2B

National Restorations NCX-5 MKII, NCL-2000, NCX-1000

National NCX-5 MKII, VX-501 VFO, DD-103 Display and NCX-A Power Supply

Cubic Astro 150A, 102BXA, 103 Restorations

 Cubic 103 
Cubic Astro 103 and PSU-6A Power Supply

Heathkit SB 102, SB 104A, HW-12A Restorations

 Heathkit SB-104A 
Heathkit SB-104A, SB-644A External  VFO and SB-604 Power Supply

Henry/Uniden/Yeasu TEMPO 2020 Restoration

 Tempo 2020 
Speaker,  TEMPO 2020, VFO 8010

Hallicrafters Fun

 Tempo 2020     FPM 300
HT-32B, SX-101A, HT-33A, FPM 300MKII

Collins 651S-1 Receiver Project

651S-1 Desktop Configuration

Collins Airborne Project ART-712/ARC-105 Project 

Deployed on EA-6B, F-4C, F-101, RF4C, F-105, Early F-111, H3 Helo

W7CPA ARC-105 System
EA-6B Prowler

Old School Analog Audio Restoration Projects

W7CPA ARC-105 System      W7CPA Pioneer 8 Track

ReVox PR99 MKII Professional Tape Machine and Pioeneer High End 8 Track

Other Geezer Radios I have Enjoyed Restoring
 W7CPA Geezer 1 
Studio B Vintage AM gear - Sonar SRT-120 transmitter, 'passive' HB VFO, Drake 2B receiver

W7CPA Clegg
Clegg 6&2 Transmitter (Zeus) and Receiver (Interceptor), Ranger II, FT-101E

W7CPA Collins
Collins KWS-1, 75A4, 75A1, 32V-2, 30S-1, S-Line, KWM-2, 312B-5. 30L-1

Sonar SRT-120 Front View  

SRT-120 Interior - 5894 dual tetrode modulated
 by 2 - 6550's for a 60-watt output

W7CPA umog-1
W7CPA Italian Bide
Restored NATO Communication Van  mit Collins Radios
Marconi  Toilet ?
W7CPA Marconi
W7CPA Spark Gap
  Marconi Bust at Marconi Labs in Milano
 Marconi Spark Gap Transmitter