W5WVI - Jon

[ Jon became a Silent Key in 2019 ]

Mesa, AZ

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20v2 Case

The W5WVI AM transmitter project for the 2010/2011 season has been the building-up of a Collins 20V2 broadcast transmitter from diverse subsytems and modules.  As can be seen here, the case itself was cleaned, "unmodified" and repainted.  The individual modules were likewise each cleaned and overhauled, as was the 'heavy iron' (power and modulation transformers and inductors). The interconnecting wiring was completely replaced with modern, robust wires and cables.

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Collins 20V2

The reconstituted 20V2 in its place of honor in the W5WVI shack.  The 4-400 x 4-400 tube lineup has no problem making maximum legal power on 160, 80 and 40 meters.  The 20V2 was produced in a shortwave-broadcast version.  The components for that operation were obtained and used to good effect for the amateur-bands.

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W5WVI operating position
The W5WVI operating postion:

Top Rows: Control unit for Harris 1 kW Mil-Spec antenna tuner, Various
control subsytems, National Radio 10" speaker and Collins R-390A receiver.

Bottom Row: Johnson SSB Adapter, Johnson Valiant, Johnson '500' transmitters.

Right of desk: Johnson Desk Kilowatt  transmitter driven by a Ranger II.

Aux. Rack:  Radio Engineering  Associates AMM-HF modulation monitor, audio processing chain, Alpha linear amp.

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Studio B at W5WVI:

Johnson Desk Kilowatt and Ranger II driver at left.

Clegg Zeus VHF-AM transmitter at right.

VHF converter and receiver in center and Zeus modulator/power supply below.

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