W1ZD - Lock

Phoenix, Arizona

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The latest W1ZD project has been to re-condition a Collins AN\ART-13 aircraft transmitter and build an AC power supply for it.  Details are shown on a separate page HERE.   


SSB/Hi-Power Ops Position 
Bottom L-R: 75A-4, HRO-60, wattmeters 
Middle L-R: Collins "S" line, Central Electronics monitor 'scope.    Top L-R: TS-830S & VFO, 
HRO speaker, Heathkit antenna tuner.

RCA CR-91A receiver on top of T-368

Vintage Ops Position -- Left 
Bottom: Valiant, 6N2 & VFO for 2 meters. 
Top: some speakers. 

Vintage Ops Position -- Right 
Bottom L-R:  SP-600, TX-1 Apache, Viking II & VFO
Top L-R:  HQ-160, NC-183D, G-76 & pwr supply

Some "old fart" operating my station 

Halli SX-73, Collins R-388, 
TMC SSB converter CV-1758

Fully Restored NC-183D and Apache
(detailed photo)

W1ZD was originally held by John Wells, a
 founder of the Harvey-Wells Company.  The
 call sign is held in memoriam to him and in
 recognition of his contributions to
Amateur Radio