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The Gonset twins, the first HF rig on the air from KA7ISV, occupy center stage, flanked by a venerable Johnson Viking II transmitter and Hammarlund HQ-160 receiver with matching S-200 speaker.  Also present are the counters that keep these vacuum-tube marvels on frequency in today's crowded bands.

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To the left is a Heathkit DX-100 transmitter and a Johnson Kilowatt Matchbox antenna tuner.  On top of the Matchbox is an oscilloscope for monitoring modulation, a directional wattmeter and the matching VFO for the Viking II.  In the background is the balun that converts the coaxial-line output of the Matchbox to 450-ohm ladder line which allows all-band operation from a single dipole.

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To the right is the receiving workhorse of WWII, the Hallicrafters SX-28A, fully restored, paired with a Johnson Ranger I.  Either of these may be used in place of the other rigs.

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KA7ISV sez:

Well, I got my Tech Plus in 1983 and enjoyed 2 meters for a long time. Then about seven years ago I got my General and really got started in Ham Radio. Since then I have been active on the HF bands and recently gotten into AM radio. I have had "my kids" ( I teach third grade ) talk to the AZ Science Center on 2 meters with rave reviews. With retirement pending, I plan on learning lots more about repairing and mantaining my AM gear so I will be able to use them for years to come. My thanks to Faust Gonset for making my first AM rigs the illustrious G77A and the G66B. Also my thanks to my mentors and Elmers KY7W, KE7GRV, KE7TRP, and WB6YEC. I still enjoy SSB, Ragchew ,casual contacts and PSK-31. Thanks for looking! '73, Jan



An alternate station configuration paired this Multi-Elmac AF-67 transmitter with the Gonset twins.

This pristine Gonset Commander II is a mobile/base transmitter from the early 1950s. It runs  a 6146 in the final, plate-modulated  by a pair of 7C5 loctal tubes (remember those?) for an input power of 35 to 60 watts  depending on B+ voltage. Oscillator/ multiplier is a crystal controlled 6AG7.  Coverage is from 160 to 6 meters using plug-in final coils. 

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