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K7SC Arizona Station
The nicely laid out station and workbench for the K7SC operation at the Arizona QTH.  HF operation is handled by an Icom IC-756pro3 driving an IC-2KL solid-state linear amplifier and an AT-500 automatic antenna tuner.  The HF antenna is a discreet vertical fed against a welded-tube corral fence.  The Clegg 22er MkII provides 25-watt AM operation into a roof-mounted vertical.

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  K7SC Chicago Station

The very compact, all-band, all-mode K7SC/9 operation near Chicago --  an Icom 706 driving an RM 400-watt linear amp and an MFJ antenna tuner. The decidedly boatanchor power supply on the bottom provides 40 amps for the linear.  The antenna is a stealth dipole in the attic fed through existing CATV RG-6 cable.  

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