K7SA - Warren

Cave Creek, AZ

Warren became a Silent Key in July 2019

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Warren, K7SA, at his comfortable, all-mode operating position
Big Iron at K7SA: the BC-610I with associatedspeech amp, flanked by the R-388 and SP-600jx.



Vintage Collection - RX and TX.
Top Shelf: Hammarlund HQ-170, Johnson Ranger 1,
Ranger 2, Hallicrafters tx.
2nd Shelf: National HRO-60, Collins 32V3, 
Collins R-388. 
3rd Shelf: Collins 75A3, RME 6900,
Hammarlund SP-600jx.
Bottom Shelf: National NC-300
Another view of the Ops Position
L-R:  Kenwood TS-940, Yaesu FT-1000,
FT-1000D, Henry Amp, Kachina transceiver