K7JEB - Jim

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Glendale/Phoenix, AZ

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The very modest K7JEB hamshack. Bottom shelf, l - r, holds a Heathkit SA-2060A Antenna Tuner, a W2IHY EQPlus audio processor and a Kenwood TS-850SAT transceiver. Top shelf holds a Heathkit HL-2200 Linear Amplifer running a pair of 3-500Z's, an Autek WM-1 computing SWR/Pwr meter and a Kenwood TS-2000 all-band transceiver.  Below the first shelf is a W2IHY 8-band equalizer and Iplus switch.  The microphone is a Behringer knock-off of the Shure SM58.

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Note on Operating AM with Linear Amplifiers

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