WA9JMU - Jim

Elephant Butte, New Mexico

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What do you do when your ham-radio activities exceed your existing floorspace?  Buy the lot next door and build a full-custom, dream hamshack!  That was Jim, WA9JMU's answer to the dilemma, and the attractive result is shown above. 

Another view of the WA9JMU dream hamshack.  Note OM's and XYL's callsigns prominently displayed for ease in addressing neighborhood TVI issues.  Existing QTH is next door over to the right.

The left end of the operating position is mounted  on a half-height room divider separating it from  the shop area.  Notable rigs are a vintage Heathkit station and  a Hammarlund receiver.

The operating position picks up an equipment shelf and turns the corner against the far wall.  WA9JMU has a certain fondness for vintage Drake rigs.

The right end of the operating position 
provides homes for the later-vintage 
SSB and QRP rigs.


The view of the shop area behind the 
half-height room divider and adjacent 
to the operating position. 

 A well-lighted visual-arts area shares 
the premises with amateur radio 


Also present is a computer workstation 
and a conventional desk for non-radio 

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