W6PSS - David Olsen

Platte County, Missouri

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W6PSS, David, photoFor years David was a fixture on Southern California AM after retiring from a life on the high seas as a shipboard radio operator.  In his travels around the country, he visited his AM friends and made videos of the visits.  As a result, we have a view back into AM operation, and the operators, in the 1980's and 90's. David currently resides in a Kansas City suburb.


David and Rick, K8MLV, visited the legendary Ashtabula Bill, W8VYZ, in Dec. 1988 to observe Bill's unique approach to home-brewing high-power AM transmitters and extensively modifying WWII-era receivers.  Also shown in this video clip is Bill's substantial antenna farm that provided a consistent, nationwide signal on all the HF amateur bands.


In this video clip, Les, K6HQI, shows David (behind the camera) his 833x833 kilowatt AM transmitter.  Of particular note is the use of an auto-transformer for modulation.


Les, K6HQI, describes his homebrew receiver based on 75A-4 and SP-600 circuitry as well as a low-drift, transistorized VFO.  We hear Astabula Bill, W8VYZ, in the background.


David visits Renato Salcedo, KG6NH, at his Torrance, CA QTH. Notable rig is the completely homebrew kiliowatt transmitter featuring a pair of 3-500Z's modulated by a pair of 3-500Z's. The final and modulator each has its own power supply.


In this video, Ralph, KD6OS takes David through his Bell Gardens, California QTH, showing him a Johnson Desk Kilowatt rescued from CB service, a nice Globe King 500B, numerous receivers and his all-band antenna farm.  This video was recorded in 1989.


Norm Scott, WB6TRQ, with an assist from Rich, KF6EA, conducts a tour of his Potrero, CA shack.  Norm believes every AMer should have an audio mixing console and shows off his, which is the centerpiece of his station.  Also notable is a "too big" 1 kW ex-BC transmitter and a 2-4CX1500 linear amplifier with a 'pole pig' power supply.  Because Norm played a bit of music as a demo, this video may contain an advertisement to benefit the copyright holder.    


David, W6PSS, and Ricardo, K8MLV, visit Art, W9CNI, at his home radio shack in Bloomington Indiana circa 1988.

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