AD5VO - Jack

Lucas, TX

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The AM transmitter lineup taking shape at AD5VO.  At left is a Collins Radio 820 D1 being converted to HF.  The two RCA BT-250M's are also undergoing renovation and conversion. The center racks contain a number of vintage broadcast-quality modulation monitors and audio processors.

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The shack itself is a custom-built office/lab/operating center detached from the main house but built in an identical style.  This photo was taken in the final stages of construction. 

The multi-band vertical at AD5VO.  Although designed for efficient 160-meter operation, this antenna will also cover the 75/80 and 40 meter bands through the use of switchable matching and loading networks and components.

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The vertical antenna and crane truck used for installation.  The 60-foot, Rohn 25 tower is topped with a switchable capacitive-loading structure and is guyed at two levels with high-strength Phillystran.

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The capacitive-loading, "top hat" structure during installation.  It is insulated from the tower and switched by an RF contactor in the grey box immediately below it.  The outrigger arms are each 6 feet long.  The balls on the ends of the arms and the one in the center of the mounting plate suppress corona discharge for quiet receive operation during periods of high thunderstorm activity.

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The  insulated antenna base allows for simple, series-fed operation.  As installation progresses, a system of 40, 60-foot ground radials will be installed as well as an array of ground rods and a 'doghouse' for the multi-band, impedance-matching network.

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