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A Weekly Online Publication of the Anonymous Anything Society   December 27, 2017

 Repeating observations first published here on Wednesday, February 22, 2017

"THE TRUMP REVOLUTION," or "The Donald's Creative Destruction Deconstructed"

    It's the title of one of the most compelling books I've read lately. Ilana Mercer is the author. We've read bits from her columns, but never expected this: a complete guide for the perpetually perplexed about what's with the Trump Republican administration.

    If you are into pondering, get the book and prepare to immerse yourself in a long, slow read. Please understand, this is not some dialectical tome, or a difficult slog through elevated political theory with lots of unfamiliar words. I found many witty, amusing observations of the sort used by late night hosts on television, or people who were popular during my youth: Mark Twain, Will Rogers and Groucho Marx. Mercer is an original, and you'll want to re-read some of her stuff.

    Let me begin with two quotes: "Donald J. Trump is smashing an enmeshed political spoils system to bits." (Hasn't he though?) and "The Donald has the political players rising on their hind legs in defense of their realms." (Oh, yeah!) If you found those two quotes provocative, you will enjoy the wit with which Ms Mercer makes her case, whether you agree with her unique reprise of what she terms, "Trump's Holy Terror," or not.

    According to her, Trump's appeal transcends the left, right, and very much the middle of the political spectrum. The Great American Middle Class finds something to like about what he is and what he does. Using Twitter so effectively, is sure genius.

    FYI: Ilana Mercer says she is a "protolibertarian," one who combines a conservative political philosophy with a radical libertarian opposition to government intervention in our lives.

(After editing what I wrote nearly a year ago, I am prompted to ask a question: At the the end of the year, which poll should we use when assessing President Trump's first year in the oval office? The one from Fox or from CNN?).


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