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A Weekly Publication of the Anonymous Anything Society September 6, 2017


The Silk Road Group

    The title evokes images of Marco Polo, the Italian explorer who became an aide to the mighty Mongolian Kublai Khan, ruler of most of Asia some 700 years ago. Traders who followed Polo's track with long lines of camels laden with trade-goods, brought back the prized silk materials, woven of a material exuded by worms, in what is now China. Hence the name for the ancient trade route across all of the middle-east that spawned scores of trade-center crossroads, many of which still exist.

    Only very lately did I learn of a group of entrepreneurs from what was once the USSR and adjoining republics who took upon themselves the title of this piece. My connection evolved from being curious as to why The Donald was so protective of business connections that grew out of his promotion of a Miss Universe beauty contest in the "new" Russia and the mutual admiration reciprocated by Russian President-for-Life Vladimir Putin.

    If it had to do with business, I figured that Bloomberg News would be a good source. This is what it said: "The Silk Road Group, Suisse, SA (they transact business through a Swiss bank), is a private investment group initiated in the early 1990s, following the collapse of the Soviet Union.

    In the beginning, The SRG specialized in the transportation of petroleum by vehicles, by rail and later by pipelines from Caucasian and middle eastern fields to seaports in the new Republics. Since, it has expanded with investments in many sectors of the Republic of Georgia's economy, including real-estate. media, telecommunications, transportation, banking and tourist attractions that includes luxury, beachfront accommodations for the newly rich of Europe and Russia.

    Inevitably, this became a magnet for Trump, Inc. We know who remains in his entourage, though it is in constant flux, but when it comes to knowing who are the principals in The Silk Road Group, Bloomberg leaves us hanging. "The Silk Road Group does not have any of its key executives listed." says Bloomberg.

    Succinct enough. The public does not need to know who its principal officers are and its dealings are kept secret. For now.


-Phil Richardson, Observer of the human condition and storyteller.


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