I'm Right Again Dot Com                    August 16, 2017

"We Will Make Germany Great Again!"



     Terrorist NeoNazis Came to Charlottesville Spoiling for a fight

     An Austrian native was the world's worst race-hating terrorist of all time. Adolph Hitler became a hero by promising Germans he would make Deutchland Uber Alles (the greatest) again. He fell in with a relatively small (probably 100-200 person) group of National Socialist (Nazi) right-wingers about 1927. They first met in beer halls in Austria and soon spread to the southern German province of Bavaria.

    Adolf Hitler's speeches quickly enthralled the under-employed, under-paid, underclass of Germans for whom he promised he would cleanse the Reichstag (Parliament) of those he claimed "were under the sway of Jews," whom he charged "were responsible for Germany losing World War I." This, despite the fact that Jews had lived in Germany and fought in her wars (including WWI) for centuries and had made inestimable contributions to her culture; art, music, literature, science and government.   

    Once the Nazis seized power by persuading aging President Von Hindenburg to appoint Hitler Chancellor (An office similar to prime minister in other democracies), The Nazis then named Hitler Der Fuhrer (Maximum Leader) and started killing Jews as well as Christians who opposed the Nazis (Google "Dietrich Bonhoeffer").

    In 1934, Joseph Goebbels, the head of propaganda for Hitler, told the media that concentration camps were "work camps for communist 'street-fighters,' where they were being offered healthy rehabilitation work in the Bavarian Black Forest'"—similar to the Civilian Conservation Camps" (CCC), then gaining thousands of volunteers in the USA. The first of these German concentration camps was near Dachau, in the province of Bavaria. (Google: Dachau).

   Then came Auschwitz, Bergen-Belsen, Buchenwald, and scores more, now equipped with gas chambers and crematories. Warsaw, Poland became a giant killing field after a handful of armed Jews tried to fend off extermination.  

    Cut to September 2, 1945.  According to various estimates, up to 30 million military personnel and up to 25 million civilians died due to the actions initiated by Hitler and his Nazi terrorists. Why anyone wishes to emulate these insane bigots and mass-murderers is beyond my ability to comprehend.

    Thanks to Ivanka, her father first disappointed the former head of the alt-right rag, "Breitbart News" and presidential advisor, Steve Bannon, by finally giving the proper name of "terrorists" to the white supremacists who came to Charlottesville armed— in riot gear—waving and wearing the white supremacist symbol and the Nazi swastika. They believed that the people of Virginia would bend to violence and the bigots would force the issue over removing a statue of Confederate General Lee. David Duke, the Ku Klux Klan Kook, said they came locked and loaded, ready to help implement President Trump's agenda.

   The patriotic Americans who came to oppose the neo-Nazi Terrorists at Charlottesville walked in the footsteps of the Minutemen at Concord and many other true patriots since.

    LAST MINUTE REVERSAL: Ivanka and much of the Republican party leadership notwithstanding, Trump did a 180-degree reversal yesterday. It was obvious that he did not want to read the words injurious to his base on Monday. Yesterday, he found it necessary to also castigate those who resisted the Neo-Nazi invasion. 

    Expect even more Republican denunciations and resignations from his cabinet and White House staff, due to this about-face, now being accepted with fawning gratitude by the heads of the white supremacist gangs.

*Aryan. A mythical Germanic breed, supposed by some Nazi Oracle to have been founded by a blond-haired and blue-eyed "Adam and Eve" in "Northern India."


Phil Richardson, Observer of the human condition and storyteller. "He goes doddering on into his old age, making a public nuisance of himself." - Joseph L. Mencken


Our unending thanks to Jim Bromley, who programs our Archive of Prior Commentaries


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