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A Weekly Publication of the Anonymous Anything Society — October 11, 2017



Yes, greetings to the National Rifle Association and all of its members for finally approving a ban on a device that easily permits the owners of assault rifles to quickly convert certain military rifles from a weapon that requires a single pull on the trigger, to a fully automatic weapon—an honest to goodness machine-gun—something I thought for most of my life has been difficult for a civilian to legally own since the prohibition-era heydays of Al Capone.

The law originally pertained to the "tommy gun," technically, a submachine gun, invented during WW I by General John Talaferro Thompson (1860-1940), and improved in killing power through numerous mutations by American and foreign weapons makers. The AK-47, first manufactured in Russia, is rated low in cost to make and very high in dependability.

Can't live without one? They are kind of pricey, even for rich collectors.

Federal law requires a $200 stamp and lots of paperwork that necessitates an extensive background check, for starters. State and local jurisdictions may require more red tape or outright barriers. 

I've been a enthusiastic hunter since my father bought me two guns: a seven-shot, pearl-handle, .22 caliber revolver and a .22 caliber, single-shot rifle, before I was seven years of age. Every boy had one or both for plinking and borrowed one of his father's shotguns, or high-power rifle when he was expected to bring home meat for the table. Dad issued shells to us, as if they were loaded with gold nuggets instead of lead. Why would anyone want to use six, eight or twelve high velocity rifle bullets when one was enough to bring down the largest dear?

True, outlawing the bump stock is not going to stop murder by firearm, but it will decrease the rate of fire tremendously and present fewer targets to insane people with the same sort of goals that festered in the sick mind of (I resolved to never repeat his name) this sociopath.   


-Phil Richardson, Observer of the human condition and storyteller.

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