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A Weekly Publication of the Anonymous Anything Society — September 13, 2017


What should be our greatest concern. It is real and it threatens extinction of life on our planet, perhaps sooner than we imagine, if the trend line toward global warming is not turned around.

One doesn't need to be suffering the loss of a home from a wildfire or flood nor be breathing throat-rasping smoke, nor be one of those creeping along in an excruciatingly long, slow line of motorists ordered to evacuate homes and businesses—to fully realize that Mother Nature, weather-wise at least, has evolved in a maniacal, heat-making monster. Actually, we existentially brought this about, beginning with the industrial revolution, as early as 1700. 

We're not speaking of a temporary fluke of Nature. The thermometer has been around for centuries (Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit of Amsterdam invented the first modern one in 1714), and for decades, NASA and scores of scientists have been pointing to data that prove that over time, the rate of increase in global temperatures is increasing at a frightening rate. In fact, January-August, 2017 turned out to be one of the hottest eight month periods in the last 134 years.

We challenge climate change deniers to prove to us that NASA is in the forefront of some left wing conspiracy, when our own skin, eyes and extensive scientific discovery tells us otherwise. 

What is it going to take to convince all of us that man made climate is real; that our planet keeps getting hotter due to something called "the greenhouse effect?" Global warming occurs when carbon dioxide and other pollutants collect in our atmosphere, traps solar radiation and reflects it back upon us.

Current data from NASA indicate that we need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 80% by 2050 to have a chance of surviving the heat...and the increase in violent storms and horrific fires it spawns.

Full speed ahead! We all need to be greater advocates of solar, wind, and water generation of power. We need to plant millions more trees and reduce animal feedlot waste, a major contributor of carbon dioxide. Of greatest need, we very much need to burn far, far less fossil fuel.

Most of all, we need to convince our lawmakers that of all of the 200 leaders of industrialized nations  signing the Paris accord to fight this problem, only the current President of the United States of America withdrew our nation from supporting the pact. Here is the challenge: Change, die or find another planet soon, where humans can live what will undoubtedly be a vastly different sort of life than that offered until lately by our beautiful Earth.


-Phil Richardson, Observer of the human condition and storyteller.

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