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 Repeating an observation first published here on December 4, 2012


    Gfk Public Affairs and Corporate Communications is one of the world's largest research companies, employing some 13,000 poll takers and statisticians in more than 100 markets. Recently, they were commissioned by Associated Press to determine if we Americans had greater or less trust in our institutions than we had exhibited in similar polls taken over the prior four decades.

    Conclusion: We might trust in God, but not necessarily each other. We are more suspicious of each other and have less trust in both everyday encounters and government than ever before.

    When people were asked if they can trust the government to do the right thing, 81 percent answered "Some of the time," and only two percent chose "All of the time." (no surprise, right?). The pollsters didn't offer "Never," but I know some cynics who would have chosen that response if it had been made available,

    Here's one statistic that troubles me: 14 percent of the respondents answered "Not so much," when asked if they trusted those who prepared their meals when they ate out!

    One thing became apparent: the trend line on the "Trust Me Scale" keeps sinking. 


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