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We cannot think of any World Leader more respected than the present Chancellor of Germany. The title is akin to president or prime minister in other democracies. She is the head administrator of her nation's government, and in that role, her given name becomes her; Modest, retiring in behavior, little roused to react—at least in word or manner when other leaders are ungracious, unbecoming or outright rude to her or others in a gathering where she is present. We feel sure that her upbringing in the Lutheran church accounts for much of her resolute personality.

Indeed, Mrs. Merkel has proven to be long-suffering. In her words: "I hope to handle all challenges calmly and rationally." Even the most ardent "Trumpster" has to admit that our President has surely tested her resolve.

It's not that all things are "ser gut im Deutchland." Accounting for inflation, wages in Germany purchase less than in 2005, when her party first came into power. The automobile industry, the leading engine for German industrial might worldwide is not as powerful as it was 12 years ago.

Nevertheless, she encourages the best from peoples' attitudes toward the hordes of refugees fleeing westward. The influx alienated many in her country's right wing, but Chancellor Merkel and those who welcome the hungry and homeless at trails and train stations all across Europe, speak more loudly and certainly more humanely than a thousand words from every pulpit in all of Christendom.


-Phil Richardson, Observer of the human condition and storyteller.


Our unending thanks to Jim Bromley, who programs our Archive of Prior Commentaries



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